First Aid Training

First-Aid is an immediate care given to a suddenly sick or hurt patient until qualified expert arrives or patient to be taken to medical care. The most important chapter of life saving techniques either normally ignores or taught without practical lessons. One should learn and rehearse skill of first aid regularly so that he / she could save a life when needed.

Objective of First Aid

Objective of First Aid is to quickly treat a minor condition so that it does not, over time, become more serious. This applies to a cut finger that may later become infected as well as to a cardiovascular event that may eventually become terminal. With critical patients hold that the idea is to stabilize critical patients as quickly as possible, so you can safely move them to a well-equipped facility super-fast.

First aid & Safety Trainings are legal requirement

First aid & Safety Trainings are legal requirement too. In various OHS guidelines and Directive Principals, it is made mandatory where employers have to arrange for the immediate care of their staff if they become ill or suffer an injury at work and training of workers, responsible persons, etc. Initial and periodic first aid training shall be imparted to all workers, responsible and authorised persons depending upon their nature of work and skill required for performing their duties. All first-aid personnel shall be imparted training including refresher courses by a qualified medical officer authorised for the purpose.

Major First Aid areas are :

As a part of emergency preparedness, train your staff ERT and Safety Team members with following training modules of Medihelp Healthcare.

First-Aid & CPR

The medical emergencies can appear at anytime, anywhere whether at work place or home. The most common emergencies are cardiac arrest, shock, fallen down (high or low), bleeding, fracture, poisonings, burns, temperature extremes, musculoskeletal injuries, bites and stings. These risks are compounded when patient do not get treated immediately. A victim's condition may worsen and injuries can become far more debilitating which may cause huge loss. First-Aid, CPR & AED Training (Two days, One day and capsule classroom module for employees and first responders)

Fire Safety

Fire presents significant risk to business. It can kill or seriously injure employees and visitors and can damage or destroy buildings, equipment and stock. Fire Safety &Emergency Evacuation Drill (1+1 Hours) Classroom training followed by Evacuation Drill with Demo of fire extinguishing techniques

Electrical Safety

The voltages of the electricity and the available electrical current in regular businesses and homes have enough power to cause death by electrocution. Even changing a light bulb without taking appropriate precaution can cause serious injuries or death.


Half Day class-room program for ERT, Safety Team Members, Admin & HR executives, other volunteers

Occupational and Health Training Course

Health, Safety and Environment (Full Day Extensive classroom module)for ERT, Safety Team Members, Admin, HR and other volunteers Health, Safety and Soft Skills with one additional specialized module e.g. Road Safety for Drivers , Safety in Construction Projects etc.(Full Day) Using Hindi as primary medium of instruction.

Customized Training Modules also available.


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