Care Plus Venimex is an automatic venom extractor which enables one to remove the venom of poisonous bites (spiders, snakes) and stings (bees, wasps, scorpions, sting-fish) easily. This prevents the poison spreading through the body.

Care Plus Venimex can be used without the help of another person and for anyone with a bite or sting. It is highly Suitable for Indian Security Force Personnel of Army, CRPF, BSF, SSB, ITBP and CISF deployed in dense forest and in the North eastern states of India and in Chhattisgarh , Jharkhand ,Orissa . Care Plus Venimex ,is a world class quality product researched and developed in Netherland ,and it is useful First Aid equipment for protection against bites and stings, it is duly tried and tested in trials by BPR&D ,MHA


1. Military- Medics and Soldier.
2. Home Land Security for India.
3. Search and Rescue.
4. First Responders.
5. First Aid Kits.Sports, Adventure and Outdoor Activities.


1. Automatic Venom Extractor.
2. Effectively Suck and Extract venom from Bites of Snake and Spiders & poisonous Strings of Scorpio and Bees etc.
3. Instant Extraction prevents Spreading of Poison into body.
4. Easily Used by Untrained person.
5. Single Hand Application.
6. Reusable

DIMENSION : 60 x 45 x 155 mm
WEIGHT : 145 grams


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